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Reel Equality Launch Party

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Welcome to Reel Equality: monthly screenings that tell women-centred stories and challenge gender stereotypes. Open to everyone! Our launch party takes place on August 22nd at 8:30pm at Broadway.

Enjoy a cracking evening of cult comedy entertainment from Equation to celebrate the launch of Reel Equality, a club showing monthly screenings for people who love film and hate sexism.

Our special opening screening is Ghost World, an offbeat classic that follows the friendship of two angsty teenagers in a film full of energy, irony and deadpan comedy. Starring Thora Birch, Steve Buscemi and Scarlett Johansson.


The revelry starts at 8.30 with sound-track inspired tunes and swinging grooves from Stiff Kittens DJ. Come early to grab a slice of *free* birthday chocolate cake for from Screaming Carrot bakery.


Get into the party mood and come as your fave cult film character (maybe it’s Trinity, Ripley, Dana Scully, or Leeloo?). Costumes are encouraged but entirely optional. Best


Dressed winner will receive a whole year’s Broadway Cinema Membership for them or a friend (worth £27)!


This is a chance to find out about the new Reel Equality Film Club in an informal environment: who we are, what films we’ll show, and how you can get involved as a member.


Reel Equality Film Club is brought to you by Equation, a Nottingham-based charity striving to end domestic abuse and promote healthy, equal relationships.


Find out about our full programme on our website at Like us on Facebook!


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Safety Plan for Young People

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CAADA have developed a safety plan for young people, in partnership with young people from IKWRO, Leap Confronting Conflict and Barnardo’s. Practitioners can use this tool in conjunction with the Young People’s Version of the CAADA-DASH Risk Identification Checklist (RIC), to support and advise young people on how to keep safe.


The document can be accessed here. It contains links to our own site for young people, Respect Not Fear, amongst others.

If you plan to use this with a young person, it is worth remembering that the plan is about them and what is happening in their lives, and that it is your role as a practitioner to support them to avoid places and situations which increase their risk. CAADA recommend that the safety plan is used and filled in together with the young person, and when they are calm and in a safe space. They will need support in thinking through who they can get help from and identifying an adult that they can trust.

You may feel it more appropriate to use the plan as a prompt to discuss the issues that the young person may be facing. While safety planning, you should remind them that their (ex) boyfriend/girlfriend may react to the actions that they are taking, which could put them in more danger. It is your role to advise the young person on the options available to them if this happens. The safety plan should be reviewed regularly so that it can take into account new circumstances, risks, and concerns the young person may have.

We have adapted much of the content from CAADA’s own site to share with you here.

You should consider whether it is safe for the young person to have a copy of the safety plan with them. The plan should become a formal record in the young persons’ client file.

Please note that we are reviewing the Young People’s Checklist later this year, we will also then update the safety plan to make sure it is relevant and appropriately linked to the Checklist.

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Have you got the guts to walk on broken glass?

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We hope you will consider joining the courageous fundraisers who are taking part in our 2014 sponsored event!

Crunch time challenge

Learn the art of calmness in the face of adversity and raise money for pioneering work against domestic abuse in a sponsored barefoot walk over razor-sharp broken glass.

On Friday September 5th 2014, Equation is offering its intrepid supporters the opportunity to do a sponsored walk with a difference… Could you be among them?

What is the glass-walking challenge?

A barefoot walk across 15ft of razor sharp glass shards made from 2000 broken bottles.

Why should I do it?

This is an inspirational and barrier-breaking experience for you, while raising money for a fantastic cause. You will feel motivated, empowered, and inspired to face your fears. Given the type of event, donors often offer higher sponsorship than you would get for a normal sponsored walk or sports challenge, so it’s a fantastic way to support Equation.

Is it safe?

We have chosen to work with glass-walking experts Blaze because of their impeccable professional background; they will get you through the event in complete safety. Blaze have over 20 years’ experience and a 100% safety record.

Do I need to do any preparation?

No! This is a real challenge of technique – it’s proper sharp glass, not sugar glass! – but no prior training or experience is necessary: glass-walkers will be taught expertly to guide themselves safely across the razor-sharp shards in a training seminar.

Great! What do I need to know to sign up?

The minimum age is 14 years. Parental consent is required for 14-17 year olds. There is no upper age limit.

You need to be free on the evening of Friday 5th September, from approximately 6.30 to 8.30pm.

The Glasswalk will be held in a central Nottingham location.

The entry fee is just £25 and we ask that each supporter raise a minimum in sponsorship of £100. Fundraising packs and instructions on how to collect your sponsorship will be provided after registration, along with a fantastic Equation supporters t-shirt.

If you’re interested, please get in touch with our fundraiser Chloe. / 01159 623 237. We’ll send you an information pack and registration form. We look forwards to hearing from you!

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New CPS draft guidance – have your say

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CAADA’S Call for Feedback


Improving understanding of the dynamics of domestic abuse is the key to better prosecutions, writes the Crown Prosecution Service’s Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, as she encourages feedback from the sector on new draft guidance for prosecutors.

Tackling domestic violence has long been a priority for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). The conviction rate for this type of offending currently stands at an all-time high, with almost three in four domestic violence prosecutions resulting in a conviction.

But we know that domestic abuse is not just about physical violence. It frequently involves controlling, coercive and threatening behaviour, and these are things which may not be immediately obvious to police and prosecutors when they first starting looking at a case.

With this in mind, and with the expert input of the Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) External Consultation Group, the CPS has produced new draft guidance on domestic abuse. They are currently consulting on this guidance and welcome views from specialists and members of the public.

The new draft guidance:

  1. Supports more effective prosecution of domestic abuse cases and sets out to prosecutors the actions and consideration they must take at every step of a case.
  2. Helps prosecutors to recognise how different types of victims may experience domestic abuse in varying ways , including abuse in teenage relationships and abuse against older people by an intimate partner or family member.
  3. Provides advice for prosecutors handling cases of child-to-parent violence and teenagers who may also be involved in gangs , and information about the types of abuse they may experience which may not immediately be seen as domestic abuse.
  4. Emphasises that support needs for victims should be identified from the outset , and continually considered throughout the life of a prosecution case.
  5. Strengthens our position on how the police and the CPS can bring prosecutions where a victim may be too fearful to continue through active support of a prosecution.
  6. Sets out how we will work closely with the police to build the strongest cases where possible to try and bring offenders to justice and protect victims from any further offending.
  7. Emphasises the need for prosecutors to liaise regularly with IDVAs and support services to provide victims with regular updates on their case and to make sure any changes in their circumstances are taken into account, so that safety measures can be adjusted accordingly.

CAADA’s response

CAADA will be responding to the new draft guidance shortly. Meanwhile, Sally Steadman-South, Manager of CAADA’s Young People’s Programme, welcomed the inclusion of relationship and gang-related abuse among young people. “It’s really encouraging,” she says, “but we’re keen to ensure the guidance goes even further in ensuring the prosecution of cases involving this vulnerable group.”

This includes:

  • Emphasising the role of a specialist practitioner. When working with young people, prosecutors should be aware of the importance of a specialist practitioner such as a Young People’s Violence Advisor (YPVA) or Young People’s IDVA in supporting their client through the court process.
  • Identifying wider opportunities to gain evidence. Abuse in teenage relationships can often take place in public places, schools and colleges, and this can provide unique opportunities to gather evidence which will support and enhance the victims’ statement.
  • Utilising risk assessments. Through the work of the Young People’s Programme, a young people’s version of the Risk Identification Checklist is currently being piloted by professionals who specialise in working with young people and/or victims of domestic abuse. Where used, this can help to provide a better understanding of the risk that the young person is facing and feed into more appropriate safety planning and bail conditions.
  • Ensuring appropriate training specialising in online abuse. Stalking, harassment and coercive control is often a feature of abusive relationships among young people, and frequently takes place online or via social media. Improving training and awareness at all points of the care pathway will help professionals to better understand this issue.


To view the guidance in full and to submit your thoughts, visit the CPS website. The consultation closes on Wednesday 9th July 2014.

Read CAADA’s response to the publication of the draft guidance.

Find out more about the Young People’s Programme, including the Young People’s Risk Identification Checklist.


This first appeared in CAADA’s e-news and all copyright belongs to them. You can sign up for their newsletters here.

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Thanks to the Great Notts Bike Ride fundraisers

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The 34th Great Notts Bike Ride took place on Sunday morning at Victoria Embankment, with thousands of people attending. The event, which was the part of Cycle Live Nottingham, included three races made up of 25, 50 and 100 miles. We’d like to say a massive THANK YOU from Equation to all the bike riders who did the 25-mile and 50-mile stretch to raise money for us.

They raised a whopping £1,700 – amazing!

Here’s Claire, Lesley and Rosy – thank you!


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World Cup Awareness

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The World Cup begins this week. During some previous football tournaments there has been an increase in reported domestic abuse to the police and an increase in reports to services.

We’d like to share posters from the police and WAIS that raise awareness of this. It would be great if, as part of the campaign, we could get the helpline poster on as many toilet doors in localities as possible. If you’d like a PDF version of the poster to print, please just message the page. Otherwise, please SHARE.

The 24hr Freephone domestic violence helpline is on 0808 800 0340. Calls from O2, Orange, Vodafone, Virgin, EE, T-Mobile and 3 are all FREE to this number.



WAIS Domestic Violence Helpline poster with tear off slips - June 2014

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National Volunteering Week

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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

Equation, like so many other charities and organisations, are hugely grateful for those individuals who give up their time to volunteer with us. Volunteers’ Week is an annual celebration of the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK.

Thank You

As National Volunteering Week draws to a close, we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supports Equation. As well as our amazing trustees, we want to thank all our new volunteering crew that started helping Equation this year: Kayleigh, Katie, Mary-Rose, Filipa, Laura and Agnes! You’re making an amazing contribution to our work.

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Beeston Garden Trail in support of Broxtowe Women’s Project

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The Beeston and Chilwell Garden Trail will be supporting Broxtowe Women’s Project, amongst others, this year.

It takes place on Saturday and Sunday June 7th and 8th from 1.00 pm – 5.00 pm and is a great way to see 14  very varied local gardens including Queenswood Residential Home.

There are three gardens on the trail that are raising funds individually in their gardens for Broxtowe Women’s Project and BWP will also benefit from a share of the Garden Trails entrance fee. The entrance fee at any garden you start at is £3.50 and is valid for the weekend.  Children are FREE!

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 20.12.10

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Man Enough Animation

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Equation run a range of projects working with children and young people to promote awareness of domestic abuse and healthy relationships. Young men in Year 9 at Djanogly City Academy have been working on one such project, called Choices, to raise awareness of key issues that they were experiencing. Choices is a creative project that deals with choices and consequences as well as ideas about masculinity, emotions and relationships.

To conclude the project the group got the opportunity to spend a day at Confetti, an institute of creative technologies, in Nottingham City. The group decided they wanted to create an animation to raise awareness of domestic abuse to other young people across the country. Confetti enabled them to use modern technology to create an animated version of the Man Enough video that was released earlier in the year by the Beats and Brains team in Nottingham.

You can see their animation in full and learn more about our work with children and young people here.


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Crunch Time. Glass-Walk 2014: Register your Interest Now!

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Equation is pleased to offer its supporters the chance to test their nerves with a walk barefoot across two thousand broken wine bottles in a sponsored 15ft glass-walk on Friday, 5th September 2014.

This is a real challenge of technique – it’s proper sharp glass, not sugar glass! – but no prior training or experience is necessary: glass-walkers will be taught expertly to guide themselves safely across the razor-sharp shards. The training also imparts valuable psychological tools associated with mindfulness: learning how to be awake in the present and face daily challenges.

This is 1) an easy way to impress your friends and family and 2) raise money to support domestic abuse prevention without all the pre-training effort of sports and adventure challenges!

All fundraisers* will receive an Equation t-shirt, fundraising pack and free entry to our music night.

Places will be limited and offered on a first come, first served basis.

If you’d like to be offered the chance to be sent an information pack and registration form first when registration opens, then register your interest now!

Simply email Chloe at and let us know you’re interested in taking part.

You can find out more about the glass-walking experience and the experts we’ll be working with here:


*There is a registration fee of £25 for this event. Fundraisers will be asked to raise a minimum of £100 in sponsorship.

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