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Coronavirus and Domestic Abuse:
How to #HelpAFriend

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It can be very difficult for someone who is experiencing domestic abuse to reach out to an expert support service or to the Police. The restrictions in place due to COVID-19 make this even harder. Survivors of abuse are more isolated than ever, and accessing support could be not only difficult but dangerous.

If you know or suspect that someone close to you is being abused, you could be the only person who knows.

As a friend or family member, it is not your responsibility to stop the abuse. However there are some practical steps you can take, and offering love and support can make a huge difference.

How to help: what can I do during COVID-19?

1. Ask her how you can help

    Why is this important?

2. Call the professionals for advice and support

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3. Tell her about the Silent Solution

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Further information

Find out the Warning Signs of a friend or family member experiencing abuse.

Learn the 4 steps of How to Respond if a friend tells you she is being abused.

The Women’s Aid online Survivors’ Handbook also contains practical information about every aspect of seeking support.

Support for men

Find out about local advice and support for men at equation.org.uk/need-help. Friends and family members are encouraged to get in touch for support.

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