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Complicated Matters: Stella Project Toolkit

A toolkit and e-learning programme for professionals, addressing domestic and sexual violence, problematic substance use and mental ill-healthcare. Download from the AVA website.

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Mapping the Maze: Services for Women Experiencing Multiple Disadvantage

A report analysing what specialist services for women exist across the substance misuse, criminal justice, homelessness and mental health sectors in England and Wales  (2017).

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Refuge Access For All Project Evaluation

The Refuge Access For All Project created a Psychologically Informed Environment across Solace Refuges in London. The evaluation shows that the project lead to a significant measurable increase in the understanding and confidence of staff in dealing with issues around mental ill health and substance use (2017).

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Repeat Female Victims of Medium Risk Domestic Abuse

A report on the pilot Medium Risk Plus (MRP) intervention for female repeat victims/survivors of domestic abuse in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. MRP aimed to protect, support and respond to medium risk repeat victims of domestic abuse and was evaluated in collaboration with Equation (2016).

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Response to Complexity Evaluation Report

An evaluation of a service in Nottingham for women survivors of domestic and sexual violence and abuse with complex needs (2016).

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Response to Complexity: Survivors of Domestic Abuse with “Complex Needs”

A summary of research into appropriate support for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse who experience multiple disadvantage or have “complex needs” (2018).

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Women Affected by Domestic Violence or Abuse and Someone Else’s Substance Use

A consultation with survivors and practitioners about the issue of domestic violence and abuse within the context of substance-using families, exploring the impact on women and the need for further work to understand these challenges and amplify the voice of those affected (2018)

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