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Older Women and Domestic Abuse in Scotland

A report into older women and domestic abuse in Scotland: who they are, how many of them there are, how their experiences and needs differ from those of younger women (2004).

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Older Women’s Experience of Domestic Violence

“Unlocking Stories” is a resource by the University of Nottingham in partnership with Nottinghamshire NHS Trust. It showcases older women’s experiences of domestic violence and abuse, told through their own creative expression (2017).

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The Needs of Older Women: Services for Victims of Elder Abuse and Other Abuse

A report on women victims of elder abuse and other abuses in order to consider their life experiences and consequent needs (2000).

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Women Affected by Domestic Violence or Abuse and Someone Else’s Substance Use

A consultation with survivors and practitioners about the issue of domestic violence and abuse within the context of substance-using families, exploring the impact on women and the need for further work to understand these challenges and amplify the voice of those affected (2018)

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