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Reel Equality

Equation’s award-winning Reel Equality Film Club shows great movies that tell women-centred stories and challenge the gender stereotypes dominating the mainstream. Screening events are open to everyone.

About our film programme

We choose a wide range of interesting and entertaining films that tell women’s stories and include complex female characters who are not objectified or stereotyped. We aim to represent the diversity of human experience and avoid films that further prejudice of any kind. Films are open to interpretation, so we cannot guarantee that our film choices are uncontestably feminist or completely unproblematic from every angle. We welcome constructive feedback.


13th July 2017

Sexism in the film industry

The film industry grossly under-represents women by creating too many movies that focus on men and side-line women from the plot. When female characters are present, too often they are written as limiting stereotypes. This sexist imbalance stifles women’s stories and reinforces damaging beliefs about the lesser value of women.

We’ve done the research about gender inequality in film so you don’t have to.

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Reel Equality’s fantastic £10 annual membership gives you

  • Free Equallipops: cool sweeties at each event
  • Discounted tickets to every screening
  • Monthly members’ raffle: stand a chance to win 2 tickets to our next screening
  • A contribution to Equation’s free community screening in an inner-city area
  • A contribution to Equation’s work promoting equal relationships, free from abuse

Speak to a volunteer at one of our events, or email us to find out how you can get your membership in a few simple steps.