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Reclaim The Night 2019 Needs You!

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The annual Reclaim the Night march is taking place in Nottingham on Saturday 9th November. Stewards will gather from 5pm and you will be needed until around 8pm.


Steward’s role

1) Creating a boundary

  • Form a visible boundary to the march
  • Make sure that marchers stay safely on the pavement

You will be given a high-vis jacket to wear to ensure your visibility and will walk along the side of the marchers and encourage them to stay safely on the pavement.


2) Leading chants!

There will be a megaphone to share. You should take the lead on starting chants from the chant sheets (these will be handed out to women at the start of the rally by volunteers) – all other volunteers are welcome to do this if they like!


3) Hand out flyers to passers by

You will all be given Reclaim the Night flyers to give to passers-by to explain what the march is about.


4) Road crossing and making sure no-one’s left behind

Lead the front of the march to ensure that marchers cross the roads safely. Position yourself at the back of the march, making sure no one gets left behind. Keep in touch with the ones at the front via walkie talkie so you have an idea of where we are.


5) Walking with women to Nottingham Women’s Centre for the after party

We’re having an after party at the Women’s Centre with food and music. Walk up to the Women’s Centre with groups of women, in a more informal way, after the rally in Market Square.


6) Communicating with the core team about any issues

Keep yourself safe and strive to avoid hostility, negativity and heated argument. If you feel in any way harassed or threatened, remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible to a safe place; alert Katie if possible.  Call the police 999 if you feel in immediate danger.


7) First aid

We are looking for first aiders – can you help?


8) Returning things

Everything not used (banners, glow sticks, flyers, high vis jackets), please return to Katie who will be in front of the PA at the Rally.


The Route

The march will gather at Sneinton Market, march through Hockley and end in Market Square with a rally. We will then head to Nottingham Women’s Centre together for food and music J

Stewards will be provided with:

  • A high vis jacket
  • A set of flyers about the march
  • Megaphone as instructed
  • Training


Steward training

All stewards will be required to join us for a fun, empowering steward training session at the women’s centre on Friday 1st Nov between 5pm – 7pm.


Do you want to join the team?

If you can steward, or are interested in stewarding for the first time, please email katie@nottinghamwomenscentre.com by Thursday 18th October with the following information:

  1. Your name


  1. Your phone number (so I can text you reminders)


  1. Do you have any accessibility requirements for this volunteering role?


  1. Are there any other skills you can offer? Could you organise a glitter stall at Sneinton Market? Are you a musician/could you help with the after party? Are you crafty – could you help with banner making?



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