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Celebrating our Hidden Heroines and Heroes

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As a small charity, support from generous individuals, communities and organisations has a huge impact on the work we do to prevent domestic abuse and reduce the harm it causes. From office volunteers helping to distribute safety resources for survivors, to dedicated fundraisers taking on marathons to raise vital funds for our prevention projects, we’re able to achieve so much more together. To mark Small Charity Week 2019, we’re shining a spotlight on some of our hidden heroines and heroes.  



Lucy supports Equation as part of our events committee. Last year, Lucy played a huge part in the event management of our first ever charity pop-up shop which raised over £1000.  As part of the event committee she collected, sorted and priced up stock, sourced some amazing prizes for a silent auction and without her help the day it simply wouldn’t have been possible to run.  

“I chose to support Equation because of the range of work they do for domestic abuse prevention and to encourage equality in relationships. I believe their focus on education and prevention, as well as crucial support to survivors, is an effective approach. I’ve met some great, like-minded people and had a feeling of great satisfaction from the small part I’ve played in helping to raise money for the fantastic work Equation do.” 



Jeff is a valued member of our freelancer team, primarily delivering our projects for children and young people in Nottingham. As if that wasn’t enough, Jeff also supports Equation in his spare time too! “My son and I have done three bag packing sessions at local supermarkets. We’ve really enjoyed these as, not only are we able to raise funds for Equation, it’s also great fun and customers are friendly and supportive. And we’ve never broken any eggs… yet. “  

Each year we’re invited to do bag packing at various supermarkets around the city. As Jeff says, they’re a fun way to give back and the time flies as you get chatting to supportive shoppers. Last year, we raised approximately £450 per bag pack, that’s enough for around two year groups of secondary school children to receive relationship and sex education, including topics such as sex and consent or digital safety, enabling them to understand their rights and responsibilities.  

We caught up with Jeff recently to ask why he chooses to support Equation. 

“As a man, I’m only too aware that domestic abuse is a big problem in our society and that most of that abuse is done by men to women. I like to help redress that balance by doing all I can for a local charity that works to reduce the harm done by domestic abuse. I particularly like the fact that Equation has a comprehensive education programme because, having worked a lot with children and young people (including being a Childline counsellor), I know not only the harm that unhealthy relationships can cause but also how important it is that children and young people are able to have access to such resources. The fact that I can help supply some of these, is very satisfying.”  



Lisa is another dedicated supporter and volunteer here at Equation who not only pushes herself to raise money for a good cause but considers domestic violence and abuse an issue very close to her heart. During July 2015, Lisa’s Aunt passed away due to domestic homicide. Lisa explained to us that  her drive to support equation comes from her belief that “if we can educate children and professionals to recognise signs of unhealthy relationships…then they have a chance to rebuild a new life”.  

We recognise her bravery to speak up about how domestic violence and abuse has affected herself and her family as an incredible thing to do, so we had a sit down with Lisa to talk about her experience as a volunteer and all she has achieved through raising money for Equation.  Not only has Lisa participated in Ride London 100 Miles, the Berlin and London Marathon, she also faced her phobia of swimming by participating in a half Ironman distance triathlon. “The swim was hardest thing I’ve ever done physically emotionally and mentally but I had to remind myself it was for a charity close to my heart” What Lisa has achieved whilst being a volunteer is a remarkable thing.  Not only has she overcome some of her biggest challenges, she has gone above and beyond to help support a charity in the name of one of her loved ones.  

“I pushed myself beyond what I thought was possible. It gave me confidence within myself knowing I can say to people I have done these events and faced a phobia head on.” 


Thank You!

We’re very lucky to have such wonderful support from all our volunteers and supporters. Without the likes of Lucy, Jeff, Lisa and all our other amazing volunteers, we could not make what we do possible. Therefore, during Small Charity Week, we would like to express our immense gratitude for our volunteers and thank them for making Equation’s work towards equal, healthy relationships for all, in a society free from domestic abuse, sexual violence and gender inequality, possible. 

If you’re considering supporting us, head over to our website where you can find out more about the variety of volunteer opportunities we have such as Social Media Ambassadors, Research Assistants and Fundraising Events Committee Members, as well as the many ways you can fundraise school or work fundraising, Quiz Nights, bag packs or becoming a regular supporter.  

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