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Nottingham RSE Day 2018

28th June 2018

28th June 2018 marks the first annual Nottingham Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Day. The aim of RSE day is to encourage all people in the City to see RSE as part of their responsibility. The day is being coordinated by Nottingham Schools and we are thrilled to be involved in what we hope will be a landmark day for RSE in Nottingham.

Get Involved

We are hoping that everyone will find a way to take part whether that be putting up a poster to raise awareness of domestic abuse, booking a project for their school, fundraising to support our pioneering work or having a conversation with their own child about the sex, consent and the importance of healthy relationships.

Posters and Resources


Equation can provide posters, activity booklets and information cards to support healthy relationships education, survivor safety and well-being, and awareness-raising around the topic of domestic abuse and healthy relationships. As part of our commitment to RSE day and promoting the importance of improved RSE education in Nottingham Schools, we are giving away for a limited amount of healthy relationships posters to be displayed in local schools and youth centres. Please email anthea@equation.org.uk for more details.


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Twilight Sessions


In addition to the projects we deliver in schools to pupils, Equation also offers Twilight sessions. These sessions are for education professionals, enabling them to better safeguard the young people they work with from experiencing the devastating effects of domestic violence and sexual violence.


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RSE Day Twilight Offer!!

In the spirit of RSE day 2018, we will be offering a limited number of our twilight sessions at a discounted rate of £200 (usually £250). To obtain this offer, sessions should be booked prior RSE day for delivery during the next academic year, 2018-19.

Please email anthea@equation.org.uk for more details.


Support Our Work


Another way you can show your dedication to the improvement of RSE for the benefit of your pupils, children and society as a whole, is to help support our innovative work to prevent domestic abuse. On RSE day we would be thrilled if you would hold a non-uniform day in our honour. As a small, local charity we really rely on the generosity of others. We’ll even provide some stickers and pens you can give to the kids as a reward for taking part.  Just get in touch with us below to let us know you want to take part in our RSE day fundraising activities.

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If you’d like to find out about other ways to fundraise for us you can do that here.


Talking To Your Child

As a parent, the idea of talking to your child about sex and relationships any further than the general birds and the bees can be a daunting thought, but it really doesn’t need to be! There are lots of resources available online that can help you broach the subject. We’re very big fans of the NSPCC’s Let’s talk pants initiative and we also like the Youtube Channel Amaze which uploads fun and age-appropriate videos to discuss important topics like consent. While improved RSE in schools is paramount to safeguarding children from various types of abuse, continuing this education at home is also incredibly important.

We also have useful and interactive information for both Children and Adults on our GREAT project and Respect not Fear websites which are useful tools for furthering this learning at home.


Find Out More

For more information on Nottingham RSE day 2018 please visit Nottingham Schools website for more ideas on what you, as a school or parent, can do to make the best of this important day.

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