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Why teachers, parents and students love RSE

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Relationships and Sex Education Day 2019


This year marks the first national Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Day, meaning that from this year onwards RSE will be compulsory for both primary and secondary school pupils. RSE means children will increasingly be aware of what is okay in a relationship and what isn’t. More children will have a better understanding of what signs they need to look out for, if someone they know is in an unhealthy or abusive relationship and become more confident in being able to communicate with others and how they feel and about their relationships.

At Equation, we firmly believe that RSE has a pivotal part to play in preventing domestic violence and abuse, as well as ensuring we all have equal and healthy relationships. RSE also has the added benefit of increasing young people’s confidence, self-esteem and heightens their aspirations for the future. We offer a wide variety of tools and resources for teachers and school staff to utilise so they can ensure their students have a streamlined RSE programme.


Why do teachers, parents & students love RSE?


Our programmes vary from targeted smaller projects working directly with pupils who are likely to be impacted by domestic abuse, to comprehensive school wide programmes which cover a range of topic including domestic abuse.  The GREAT Project aims to educate years 5 & 6 pupils on domestic violence and abuse, whilst Equate is a comprehensive programme useful for all secondary years as it aims to improve their understanding of not only domestic violence but also personal space, sexting and child sexual exploitation. Know More is a targeted programme for young women which focuses on educating and empowering women surrounding relationships and sexual violence. The Choices project is a targeted programme specifically for young men, which addresses the risk of abusive behaviours and attitudes, helping young men manage their emotions. Here is just a preview of the overwhelming positive feedback we receive from teachers and staff who implemented one of these projects.


‘The students were well engaged throughout the provision benefiting from both the content as well as relationships built with delivery staff. Students enjoyed the opportunity to unpick personal issues within a supportive environment which is conducive and supportive of their needs. The Academy through quantitative tracking and monitoring analysed a drop in the number of behavioural incidents the students were involved during the intervention’ Know More – Bulwell Academy 


“I think it’s really important that the children learn about equality and relationships at this age. The GREAT Project has been brilliant and the children have really benefitted from all that they have learnt” – The GREAT Project  


‘I think it (the project) had a really positive impact on all boys who were involved and we have seen an improvement in their confidence, ability to communicate with each other & staff more effectively.  All feedback from students has been brilliant – really enjoyable sessions in which they felt comfortable expressing their opinions and learnt a lot from.’ Choices, Nottingham  Academy


“Equation worked with a targeted group of year 9s and 10s. Both of the ongoing sessions improved the communication skills and engagement in school of the students involved. The Year 9 girls in particular expressed how much they feel they have matured since completing their sessions. I would highly recommend this service to other schools. The staff delivering were enthusiastic, flexible and professional at all time”. Know More,  Louise McDonagh


Parents and guardians have a key part to play in their child’s relationship and sex education and we are delighted with the amount of positive comments we have received from them:


“The GREAT Project is absolutely amazing! It totally helped my son understand why we no longer live with his dad. He can also assess a healthy/unhealthy relationship and grew up so much emotionally. 10/10”.


“My daughter was actually the one to point out that my friend was living with domestic abuse as she overheard the conversations…My friend was eventually able to leave the relationship with our support and has been out of it for a year and a half now. I was really shocked and proud that my daughter was so easily able to spot the signs of domestic abuse and feel confident in speaking out and saying that she knew it wasn’t ok”.


Working with young people is a fundamental part of our work, so here is what some of the students we worked with, had to say:


‘The friendships I made as part of the project was the best part’

‘I really enjoyed all the activities’

‘The best part was when we talked about relationships’

‘I enjoyed being able to talk about anger’

‘I will remember the facilitators most’

‘What I will remember most from the project is my rights in a relationship’

‘The project has helped me to deal with anger and learn new ways of managing my emotions. It also has helped me to think about personal space in relationships’


In conclusion


Ultimately, we believe Relationship and Sex Education is so important for young people. With RSE, young people are given a voice and the confidence to stand-up for their own rights and to communicate effectively with their future partners. RSE means that young people will not only have healthy and happy relationships, but they are also empowered to make the decisions they know are right for them. Empower children and young people to have the skills to be able to have equal relationships free from abuse with RSE and Equation.


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